“Grit it out.”

Sometimes our talents creep up and surprise us – that’s what happened to Dan when he was growing up. As a young kid he was severely asthmatic and couldn’t participate in sports, but when he was able to get his asthma under control in middle school, he discovered that he’s actually a decent runner. Fast forward to high school – he ran cross country for four years and was named Most Improved Runner. Dan strongly believes that better movement skills in one sport will transfer to other sports, which will then lead to a lifetime of physical activity that provides endless health benefits. 

When he was a little kid Dan wanted to be a teacher when he grew up, and today he is a National Board-Certified physical education teacher with more than 20 years of experience who advises Hiveclass on curriculum. He is passionate about fantasy football, ultimate frisbee, softball, playing and designing board games, taking care of his farm animals and supporting his young boys as they grow and explore their own physical abilities and talents.