Overcoming a negative mindset can sometimes feel like trying to will a storm away – it’s futile and impossible. But a mindset is just that, the setting of your mind. To change it, you need to reset your brain.

Part of being an athlete is dealing with your own negativity. Going to practice, being on top of your workout regiment, and staying in shape both on and off seasons can be exhausting. On top of that, losing a game or not topping your PR can lead to feelings of defeat. It’s times like these where a reset is necessary – we often forget that our minds can be led by our intentions. If we take a moment to breathe, feel the feelings, and then stop dwelling on the negative, we can find healthy and productive ways to get out of the rut. 

One of the main things I like to do to help myself out of a negative mindset is to set a balanced schedule. As a young athlete, I remember feeling stressed at various moments throughout my day from having to juggle with school, sports, friends, and life. It can be hard to prioritize working out when you just got invited to go over to a friend’s house or when your school project is due that night. I find it helpful and soothing to make a schedule for your activities. Doing that helped me figure out what was important to me – it helped me achieve my goals across the board. Being a student athlete can be overwhelming, so creating your own process of how to get through the days will break things down into manageable and successful steps. 

Back when I was a student athlete, I found that working out earlier in the day was the most productive. I would get my day started with a good sweaty workout to get the heart pumping, then have the rest of my day open for any spontaneous plans. I could truly enjoy the day, guilt-free. No one wants to say no to a warm beach day with friends just to get a running session in! Practicing these habits helped me change my everyday mindset, perhaps even my outlook on my life. I thought, if I could control my own schedule then I could make it work in my favor. I am the one in control of my own life.

Those are my two cents on how I personally overcome negative mindsets. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Life can be difficult, exhausting, and totally negative – sometimes, bad days are just bad days. But looking back on my life now, my only regrets are not doing things out of joy and excitement. Negativity can cloud a lot of the really good things happening in your life. So remember to have fun, enjoy the little moments, and celebrate the big wins.

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