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Join Hiveclass to gain access to a like-minded community that offers support and encouragement to keep young athletes active by combining the fun of sports with modern technology.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has Specific Guidelines & Recommendations Published by Age Group on How Much Screen Time Children Should be Exposed to Per Day. 

Today, many kids are spending 6+ hours per day in front of a TV, computer, tablet or phone. We know that cutting out screens is not realistic – but we also know that the quality of content consumed can make a big difference.

Active Screen Time

Our mobile platform provides a better resource by offering a productive and healthy use of screen time with bite-sized, connected physical education through engaging content.

Incredible Partners

Hiveclass works with individual athletes and organizations to bring you the training and support kids need to excel at their favorite sport. 

Virtual Curriculum

We created a virtual physical education curriculum that kids can enjoy wherever and whenever they want. We offer organized, clear and enjoyable lessons that are available on any mobile device or computer. 

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“I like the course and that the instructors are young. I also like the positive feedback during the exercises.”


Grade 6

“I like how the skills were broken down and difficult concepts are explained multiple times. The demonstrations are straightforward and easy to follow along.”


Grade 9

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