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Being a kid is fun. Childhood is an exciting time of discovery, joy, curiosity and the freedom to try new things. By combining technology, entertainment and education we hope to inspire kids to partake in different courses and activities with their peers.

We’re thrilled to be part of this journey whether it inspires a new hobby or spurs the discovery of a hidden talent. Through Hiveclass, we're eager to bring excitement and innovation to physical education and physical activity with engaging, bite-sized video content.

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We Believe in
The Power of Choice

Hiveclass was inspired by the idea of providing access to quality instruction and options to families nationwide. Courses provide numerous benefits, but some of the greatest advantages include the intangible, invisible skills acquired through training. When a person is given the opportunity to explore a new activity, or the option to train in a course that is not readily available through a local program - it opens up new possibilities and benefits that did not exist before. We want to influence a world where all families enjoy unlimited access to quality physical education and youth courses training no matter what. The Hiveclass platform is designed to build competence and confidence in a wide variety of movement skills to support a lifetime of enjoyment from physical activity.