Have you ever been curious about the creative process at Hiveclass?

When browsing our (now extensive) video library, many have expressed curiosity about the selection – why we choose to create content for certain sports before others and how we choose the timing for release. As a company that is built upon the creation of content, it is exciting to own this – to plan and execute our own vision and then share it with the world. But how? While this may be our secret special sauce, we are happy to share with you a bit about our creative process.✨

It all starts and ends with our clients. It’s probably no secret that the main deciding factor is demand. At Hiveclass, we strongly believe that our success lies in our ability to listen to the wants and needs of our clients and then to deliver. We find that there are typically two categories that drive demand – (1) popularity of a sport or wellness concept, and (2) the need for content that meets SHAPE America national standards for physical education. Take for example, Pickleball. We created instructional videos for Pickleball after a surge of popularity and requests from our clients. We understood that not only is this sport a great fit for user enjoyment, it also doubles as a great way to fulfill requirements for physical education. Win, win!

Next we consider timing🕗. Like the old adage says, “timing is everything”. Content release is no exception to this rule. We are privy to the schedule of youth sports and understand that content is relevant to students and youth when the season for that sport is buzzing. So we plan to release sports during the season in which it gets played most. Another important consideration is whether a sport can be practiced indoors or outdoors. During colder months, we are more likely to release indoor instruction whereas in the spring and summer we like to encourage youth to get outdoors and safely enjoy the sun!

As you can see, there is quite a bit of consideration and thought that goes into planning our content, so that you can best enjoy it: 

  • We listen to the desires of our clients, which are typically based on popular interest and national standards to ensure that Hiveclass users are excited about the available content.
  • We consider the timing and release sports during the appropriate season so that it is relevant and accommodating to achieve your goals. 

So what physical & wellness content are you most excited to see next? Tell us…we are listening! 😊

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