“Stay curious.”

Sharon grew up playing a lot of different sports and spent a decade in competitive synchronized figure skating (yes, this exists!) and nearly as long in tennis. 

After graduating with her bachelor’s in psychology at UCSD, Sharon became a behavioral therapist for children with developmental disorders and spent many years as an educator in various capacities. She traveled and volunteered with children and women from underserved communities in Tanzania, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, finally moving to Spain to earn her master’s degree in international Microfinance.

This eventually led her to South Africa to lead social impact projects in client satisfaction, social performance, and educational gender empowerment and health programming at the country’s largest microfinance non-profit organization. She continued her studies with a second master’s degree in Impact Investing to pursue a broader interest in the ways she can help purpose-driven businesses grow their reach and impact. 

Working towards equity and leveling the playing field (quite literally in this case!) is a goal that Sharon pursues in all her work, so she is thrilled to join the team at Hiveclass.