Make Sports Training and Physical Wellness Accessible for Your Community

Hiveclass is available to libraries as a modern, elevated resource to boost programming, expand options to engage with the community and promote a healthy, active lifestyle for patrons.

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Provide Access to Educational Sports Resources and Information

Hiveclass is a digital encyclopedia that features short-form videos to help kids learn fundamental skills in a wide variety of sports. Our database is comprised of athlete-led instructional videos designed by top physical educators.

Engage With Your Community

Boost your programming with new activities and ideas as you welcome more patrons into your library.

Elevate Your Digital Resources

Patrons expect libraries to live in a digital age - with Hiveclass you can promote access to information and instruction in a variety of sports and activities.

Prioritize Accessibility

All content is available in English and Spanish and dedicated accessibility features are embedded to ensure the platform is available to all.

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Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services.

“I like how the skills were broken down and difficult concepts are explained multiple times. The demonstrations are straightforward and easy to follow along.”

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“I like the course and that the instructors are young. I also like the positive feedback during the exercises.”

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