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Providing access to quality instruction for kids of all ages nationwide.

Hiveclass is on a mission to make quality youth sports training available to all families. The platform offers hundreds of engaging, high-quality, bite-sized videos and interactive quizzes that teach kids the basics of different sports and activities.

Evolution of Video Learning

  • Fully ADA compliant platform ensuring the needs of all patrons are addressed 
  • Videos available in English + Spanish
  • Dedicated Reading Hive featuring a curated list of books highlighting sports
  • Patrons can access Hiveclass anywhere, anytime

For CALIFA Members

  • Elevate your digital resources
  • Engage with your community 
  • Boost your programming with new activities and ideas 
  • Simple, straightforward pricing 
Hiveclass Skill Development

Engage With Your Community

Boost your programming with new activities and ideas as you welcome more patrons into your library.


Elevate Your Digital Resources

With Hiveclass your library will become an integral part of youth sports training and physical education.


Free Access at a Low Cost

We want to make Hiveclass accessible to your community – contact us to learn about our simple & straightforward pricing. 

See What Our HIVE is Buzzing About!

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services.

“I like the course and that the instructors are young. I also like the positive feedback during the exercises.”


Grade 6

“I like how the skills were broken down and difficult concepts are explained multiple times. The demonstrations are straightforward and easy to follow along.”


Grade 9

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