Summer break is the favorite time of the year for every student; it’s the moment to relax and spend time with family and friends. Yet, keeping up with the necessary physical activity levels vital for overall health and growth is challenging. As a frontrunner in youth sports training and physical education, Hiveclass recognizes the importance of encouraging an active lifestyle, especially when school is out.

The Decline in Physical Activity

Research consistently shows a significant drop in physical activity levels among students during the summer. According to the Physical Activity Council’s 2021 report, there was a noticeable decrease in youth sports participation, a trend exacerbated by the global pandemic starting in 2020.

A study by the American Heart Association (2022) found that merely 23.8% of children aged 6 to 17 years adhere to the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity during the summer months. This decline not only affects physical health, leading to an increase in obesity rates among children, but also impacts mental health and academic performance upon their return to school.

How Technology Can Help in Staying Active

Although it might sound contradictory to many, technology provides a way to address this issue. In an era where screens are often blamed for sedentary behavior, innovatively designed platforms are changing the narrative by integrating digital tools with physical education. Technology can offer engaging and interactive experiences that motivate students to stay active. For instance, digital resources and applications can provide workout routines, sports-related drills, and fitness challenges that fuel their commitment to maintaining a consistent exercise regimen.

Here is where platforms like Hiveclass are pioneering ways to integrate digital tools with physical education, creating engaging content that encourages students to stay active.

The Evolution of Libraries: Embracing the Digital Age

While libraries may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering physical education promotion, they are important in encouraging physical activity and wellness in their communities.

In the digital age, libraries have embraced new technologies to enhance how they serve their communities. They now offer digital content such as e-books and e-magazines, helpful online databases, and extensive multimedia resources.

Internet access provided by libraries plays a crucial role in bridging digital divides, ensuring that everyone in society has equal access to online resources and technology. They offer a range of digital literacy programs, training people to navigate the array of digital tools and platforms in today’s tech-driven world.

  • Organizing Physical Activities and Programs: Some libraries work with local sports teams, nonprofits, or healthcare organizations to host various health and physical fitness-oriented activities. For instance, they might have special sessions like “Yoga Story Time for Kids,” which integrates storytelling with yoga poses, or “Walk With a Librarian” programs, which combine health education with physical activity.
  • Offering Space for Physical Activities: Libraries often have outdoor or indoor spaces that are suitable for physical activities. These areas can be used for hosting various fitness classes—from Tai chi and yoga to Zumba and other movement-based workshops. For example, libraries might host “Digital Sports Days,” facilitated by Hiveclass, where kids and teens try different sports through virtual reality and interactive video tutorials. This innovative approach makes the sessions more engaging and introduces participants to a wider range of activities they might not have access to otherwise.

There are plenty of ways to incentivize physical activities during the summer. However, libraries may not be traditional physical education spaces; they substantially promote physical education and overall well-being within the community. By offering relevant resources, organizing physical activities, promoting technology for fitness, and leveraging partnerships, libraries can help encourage their community members to lead active, healthy lives.

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