Did you notice something different when you came to our website today? We’re thrilled to unveil our new website featuring fresh colors, new textures and unique features that are representative of who we are as a brand and a company. 

As a new company we work hard to establish our values and determine the best way to communicate this to our partners, and ultimately, the world. Believe us when we say that this has been hard work. Our re-design, if you will, has been months in the making. Our design team has been exploring creative experimentation for months – you might be able to identify when the “aha moment” took place if you feel like taking a deep dive into our instagram page. 

Part of the fun of working with a new company, especially during these early stages, is having the opportunity to take chances, to be inspired, to explore different ideas – knowing you’re taking a risk, but also feeling confident that it’ll pay off. Here’s a sneak peek into the creative process that brought our new website to life:

  • At this point in time the majority of the Hiveclass team is working remotely, which sometimes makes it challenging to lead creative brainstorming sessions. Our design team was able to figure out a way to make it feel like they were in an office together, bouncing ideas off each other while inspiration and excitement slowly started to build.
  • We’re a company that feels strongly about movement, physical wellness and making quality instruction in these areas accessible to kids everywhere. So you’ll see textures and elements embedded in the website that translate this message beyond our mission. 
  • A website is a place where people visit to get information about a product or service, so we wanted to make that super easy to find for our partners and future clients. We played around with different layouts combining text, images and video to communicate who Hiveclass is and what we’re all about. 
  • It was important for us to share the inspiration behind Hiveclass and also introduce our team to site visitors. You’ll find an about page where you can learn more about us, as well as the story of how Hiveclass came to be. 
  • Brands are always evolving – just like us as people. While we’re thrilled with how our new website turned out, we know that there will be updates and changes that come up as we grow. 

First impressions really count, and we’ve put our best foot forward with this new website. We’re committed to making the page not only a useful source of information about the company and our products, but also a valuable resource you can tap into to learn more about industry trends, timely educational articles, inspirational blogs and entertaining behind-the-scenes posts so you can get to know us better. As always, please contact our team if you have any questions, or suggestions about what you’d like to see from us! Thanks for being a part of our Hive…

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