“Whatever it takes.”

Meet Derek Ruhland, a man of many passions and talents. From an early age, Derek dreamed of being a marine biologist and National Geographic photographer. While his career took different turns, his love for exploration remains a driving force. He has lived in various cities, from Seattle to Barcelona, and the journey has been one of adventure and discovery. Now a dedicated father of two, he revels in his children’s pursuits. Derek’s true passion lies in gardening, where he grows native and edible plants, creating a blossoming haven in his yard.

As an educated man with degrees in Physical Anthropology and Iberian Studies, Derek’s journey led him through various professional roles before he found his place at Hiveclass. He cherishes the mission of providing top-notch instruction at an affordable cost, empowering young minds who might not have access to quality physical education or sports training. Beyond the physical benefits, Derek recognizes the importance of networking and character building that sports have to offer. 

And as he looks up to his father for his kindness and charisma, Derek aspires to leave a similar legacy of warmth and compassion in his own life.