“If it was easy everyone would do it…”

Prior to being CEO and Co-Founder of Hiveclass, Joe spent 18 years working in finance – not exactly what he pictured as a kid who had big dreams of being a basketball player. Growing up, Joe took part in various sports, he wasn’t collecting MVP trophies, but he had the opportunity to try out different athletic events and he had a great time doing it. Joe strongly believes that all kids, globally, should have easy and affordable access to physical education and sports training, which is exactly what he’s trying to achieve by showcasing and presenting Hiveclass to schools, educators, parents, brand partners and beyond. 

An important benefit of playing youth sports, apart from spending time outdoors and being physically active, is that kids learn teamwork – how to be a part of a team, how to lead, how to win and how to lose. Knowing and understanding teamwork really helped Joe thrive early in his banking career, as well as today, which is why he’s so passionate about bringing quality instruction to all kids through Hiveclass. 

On the rare occasion that Joe isn’t spreading the infectious Hiveclass energy, you’ll find him cheering on the Knicks (even though he’s a huge Lakers fan at heart), enjoying quality time with his family and surprising you with some challenging Tongue Twisters.