“Everything you do, do it with love.”

Luan grew up in the vibrant neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, and always had big dreams. As a kid he aspired to be a police officer or a singer, envisioning a future of excitement and creativity. He has explored various sports, including martial arts, soccer, and swimming, and today enjoys watching soccer and basketball, admiring players like Neymar Jr., Lebron James, and Stephen Curry.

A dedicated individual committed to exploring new things and enriching his life, he is currently pursuing a degree in audiovisual production, and taught himself English by watching movies and immersing himself in video games.

Prior to joining Hiveclass, Luan explored different job opportunities, but his true calling in production led him to where he is now. At Hiveclass, Luan cherishes the mission of making sports and physical education accessible to all, using technology to promote social interaction rather than isolation.

Apart from the physical benefits of youth sports, Luan believes that one of the greatest advantages is socializing. He sees Hiveclass as not just a platform for sports but also a bridge to fostering connections and breaking digital barriers.