“Get out of your comfort zone.”

If you’re looking to chat about travel or philosophy – Paul’s your guy. Bit by the travel bug and struck by wanderlust early on, he spent a good amount of time overseas. Paul has visited, taught in, and travelled through more than 35 countries, which is how he discovered a passion to increase access to education on a global scale.  

As the Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of Hiveclass, Paul is the behind-the-scenes architect that helps bring an innovative concept to life. He is passionate about all things Hiveclass, but what he’s most excited about is the potential of using sports to build confidence and resilience in young kids – characteristics that are vital for social and emotional well-being. Paul believes that sports have the power to instill a growth mindset in young adults, which will help them enjoy the process of learning, succeeding and getting better, which ultimately leads to finding success in all areas of life. 

As a kid, Paul played tennis, water polo and wrestled – he also pictured himself as a pro tennis player. Fast forward to today and he now boasts more than 14 years of experience within the international education sector as a teacher and school director, as well as five years as an entrepreneur within the EdTech sector. When he’s not busy developing new ideas to revitalize youth sports he enjoys surfing, rock climbing, playing guitar, singing and cooking.