You might be familiar with our Digital Encyclopedia for libraries, but have you heard about Better PE? In this post we’re doing a deep dive into a product we created for educators, by educators. Before we talk about the nitty-gritty of the platform, we want to share the inspiration behind it. 

You may have skimmed our founding story, and what inspired us to make Hiveclass a reality. The motivation for Better PE isn’t too far off! Long story short, Physical Education is important, and as most things in the world, it could be better! During the height of the pandemic, Physical Education was severely impeded or just wasn’t happening altogether. There were many restrictions, fears, uncertainties, troubleshooting Google Classroom and Zoom… It was a perfect storm that put Physical Education on ice for way too long. We came together with some experts in the field of Physical Education and created a curriculum that meets standards nationwide. SO, without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Better PE!

What is it?

Better PE is a web-based Physical Education platform that helps teachers integrate innovative technology into the classroom. It features a Physical Education curriculum that was created by Physical Education teachers and a child psychotherapist. This platform meets SHAPE America standards and is strongly guided by the CASEL framework. 

How do teachers use it?

There’s no right or wrong way to incorporate Better PE into either an existing classroom or a homeschool routine. Teachers can set up stations in class, encourage whole group movement after watching a video, assign homework, use it as a resource for students who need additional assistance, or as independent study. Teachers will have access to a variety of units in different sports/activities that offer:

  • Engaging movement skills
  • Movement knowledge
  • Assessments
  • Supplementary SEL curriculum. 

Ok, but why should I trust this new product? Standards are strict in my district…

Good question! We’re actually thrilled to hear that your program is committed to meeting standards. Better PE aligns with both SHAPE America national standards and CASEL framework and to meet required minutes for Physical Education. Currently, Better PE meets standards in 40 states. By the end of summer 2022, it will meet standards in 47 states. We also have content in the works to ensure we will be available nationwide soon! All of our content is age-appropriate, engaging, and bite-sized so that students aren’t spending all of their time watching videos on a screen. We’re pioneering the idea of Active Screentime in a world that is strongly dependent on devices. 

Nice! So how does this help me as an educator? I don’t need to add more work to my plate.

Understood! Here’s the thing about Better PE. It’s a complete curriculum, and our team is adding new units, sports and videos all the time. Better PE offers an easier way to follow individual student progress through a dedicated teacher portal. It requires student accountability, making it easier for teachers to grade and to supplement an existing lesson plan. Better PE can be accessed from anywhere. It is the most convenient solution for students who miss class due to illness, vacation or are enrolled in a hybrid/independent study option. 

Interesting… will my students like it?

If we had to bet on it – YES! Kids are already spending so much time online, learning through videos and memorizing TikTok dances. Better PE creates a productive use of online learning. Our video content features student athletes, so students get to learn from their peers. All the units are scaffolded so movers can learn a skill set from beginning to end. They can continue to practice at home in their own time and gain both confidence and competence in a particular sport or activity. Better PE also addresses the whole child, not just fitness. 

Do you have any new sports coming up soon? 

We are always working on new content! A few things on the horizon worth mentioning include units in Pickleball, aquatics, gymnastics, yoga and mindfulness.

Ok, I’m in! What’s next?

GREAT! If you want to learn more, we encourage you to book a demo with our team so you can experience Better PE in action. We also invite you to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay updated on new product features, content and all things Hiveclass! 

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