When you think about places that play a big role in your life, what comes to mind? Probably your home, place of work, where you get your hair cut, your local coffee shop, place of worship – venues you frequent on a regular basis and where you build relationships.

Libraries fit the bill for such a space. They are integral institutions for community building, providing opportunities for both random and intentional in-person relationships. 

Libraries are an undervalued and underappreciated part of social infrastructure – and a common misconception is that libraries purely exist for borrowbooks, magazines and DVDs. While it is true that libraries historically housed printed volumes, they provide so much more to their communities in this day and age. At their very core, libraries exist to provide access to any and all resources and information. Today, patrons visit libraries for a wide range of reasons:

  • Borrowing laptops and tablets, using on-site computers for research and free Wi-Fi.
  • Assistance with various tasks – filling out job applications, access to resources for individuals who want to improve their literacy, tutoring and help with homework.
  • Libraries advocate for our rights and curate collections of books and information that serve the needs of everyone in the community, regardless of gender, race and other socioeconomic factors. 
  • They offer programming to bring people together, fill up social calendars and establish relationships. 
  • Libraries help people elevate themselves and improve their situation. 
Library Computer room for public/community use

We could probably continue listing out the benefits and reasons why libraries are essential, but one thing is clear: they play a fundamental role in a society. 

Our team has spent quite a bit of time with librarians from all over the U.S., and we’ve learned a lot about the profession, their day-to-day challenges/priorities, and most importantly the passion for service. We admire and respect the commitment to their patrons and how every decision they make revolves around the best interest of the community – a quality that even global leaders fail to possess. 

Hiveclass is on a mission to democratize youth sports training and make it possible for kids everywhere to have access to high quality content so they can learn and play. What better way to share access to Hiveclass than by partnering with libraries? 

bookmark crafting held at thousand oaks library during national library week

When a library purchases the Hiveclass Digital Encyclopedia for youth sports then anyone with a library card to that library will have instant, unlimited access to all our digital content. We currently offer instruction in eight sports, with many more in the production queue. Our platform also provides a social emotional learning component where kids can learn about empathy, respect, confidence, resilience and other vital skills to build character. 

If you work with a library and want to get a personal demo of our platform, please fill out a contact form and someone from our team will reach out, and if you would like to see Hiveclass in your local library please let us know so we can connect with them! 

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