Steve Jobs once said “great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re really proud of the team that has come together at Hiveclass. Every person that joins our team brings a bright spark that not only makes our product better, but takes the team to the next level! We hope everyone is enjoying our spotlight series as you get to know our team, we’re certainly learning fun new facts about our colleagues. This week we’re introducing you to Lexi Wallen – our Curriculum Coordinator. Lexi has a strong background in education and is a vital piece of the puzzle that brings Better PE content to schools nationwide!

HIVECLASS: Welcome Lexi! We’re so thrilled to have an opportunity to learn more about you and share it with our Hive. Let’s start off with what inspired you to be involved in education and become a teacher?

LEXI WALLEN: Since middle school I knew I wanted to work in the health career field. In high school I thought I wanted to be an athletic trainer, until someone broke their collarbone during a football game when I was the athletic trainer (in training). I immediately knew that wasn’t for me. Some of my favorite teachers were my P.E. teachers that inspired me to choose that career path and help kids stay active! 

HC: What is something that the average person would be surprised to learn about the education industry? 

LW: I feel like in the past few years a lot of personal stories and truths have come to light in the education industry. For me, the most surprising thing was that students were never the most difficult part! The planning and extra tasks always had me working well past my school day. 

HC: Motivation is important to have in life and in sport – what motivates you to keep going, especially if it’s something you don’t want to do? What advice would you give a person who feels discouraged or is having a hard time finding purpose in school, work, etc.?

LW: I keep myself motivated because I love looking back and seeing how far I’ve come. Though it sounds cliche, sometimes the hardest challenges are the most rewarding because of how strong and proud I feel afterward. In times when I am really struggling I like to also look around and see that other people are able to get through tough situations, so why can’t I? 

HC: Why should educators and school administrators take the time to learn more about Hiveclass? Some would argue that physical education programs aren’t a top priority when the list of challenges in education is long…

LW: Hiveclass is the perfect tool for every P.E. program. For programs that need a little help or guidance when planning, they can use Hiveclass to prepare their instruction. For innovative, high-level programs, they can use Hiveclass as a resource to make their program even stronger. It is standards-based and the research has already been done for teachers BY teachers. Take away the stress of researching and planning for teachers and allow them more time to connect with their students as humans. 

HC: What have you enjoyed most about being part of the Hiveclass team? 

LW: I love that I have a part in almost every team within the company. I’m able to learn so many new skills and try new things that I would not be able to do in my past jobs. 

HC: If you could change one thing about the education industry, what would it be?  

LW: If I could change one thing, it would be the expectation that is put on teachers to be the absolute best and provide everything to students, without taking any time for themselves. Teachers spend countless hours outside of school time because they are overworked. 

HC: It feels like technology is making big changes overnight. Why is it important to take a chance on new tech resources instead of being hesitant and adopting the “if it’s not broken, why fix it,” mentality? 

LW: As new generations start to become more comfortable with technology and grow up with it, we need to adjust to meet their needs! Adjust curriculum to be in an environment that students can understand and relate to. Hiveclass is also a great opportunity for students who aren’t always the “top athlete” to feel comfortable, confident, and successful in P.E.! 

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