Winter – the time of cold weather and shortened days. For many people, it can be hard to find motivation to workout or keep active, especially athletes anticipating a competitive spring season.

The cold makes it harder on the body to train, and who wants to do that when its dark after a long day of school or work? But I’m here to remind you that there is no need to press pause on your workout regimen on the account of cold weather and winter days –  you just might need to get creative. I’m a big believer in the idea that if you find an excuse, there will be one. So let’s find some new solutions.

Here’s a breakdown of the 8 various tips I have to survive the winter season:

  1. Find a solution not an excuse
  2. Check the weather app at the start of the week to see the nicer days
  3. Find what time of day works for you
  4. Try a new workout class
  5. Find a workout buddy
  6. Set goals for yourself
  7. Use online resources (like Hiveclass!)

The one thing you have to do when training in the winter is to adapt to the season to make it work for you. What I like to do when it gets colder is watch what the weather will be like. Looking at the weather app and seeing what days of the week will be the warmest gives me something to look forward to in the long winter. For example, if I see that it’s going to be freezing early in the week but Thursday looks warmer, Thursday would be the day where I’d go for a long run. Looking ahead and tracking the weather not only helps me plan my training schedule by week but keeps me motivated to get outdoors during the day (great in combating that pesky seasonal depression)! Apart from the weather, adjusting to the winter season can mean choosing the best time of day to get a workout in. If you see your motivation levels decreasing in the nighttime, then shifting gears and waking up early to get moving would be beneficial.

Photo of Kellie from November 2020- running a virtual turkey trot 5K on Thanksgiving in the November cold.

With colder days, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be mixing your schedule with indoor workouts, but there are fun alternative options to keep your body warm and in shape.  I like to attend spin classes at least twice a week. Winter training isn’t just about breaking PRs and getting your muscles jacked up. You can try out different workout machines at the gym or attend new classes like hot yoga, boxing, dance, pilates, and more. The best part about spicing up your workouts with this tactic is that you can do it with a workout buddy. This could be a teammate, friend, family member, and/or  community member. Trust me – it’s always more fun to workout with someone, and this way you could meet someone new or get involved in a community you had not been a part of before. 

But here’s an important winter training tip I’ve got for you. That’s right, you’ve heard it here before, it’s GOAL SETTING. During the start of the pandemic, I set a goal of a certain type of training each month with a friend and we challenged each other throughout the season. April was dedicated to HIIT workouts, May was 100 miles running or walking, June was bootcamps. We did these by ourselves and tracked each other’s workouts through an app. What’s great about Hiveclass is that you can train remotely, from indoors away from the cold, and make training fun by learning a new sport. 

Remember, the best time to get better is during the off season. 

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